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Buying a house for you and your family is an exciting and important event, especially if this will be your first home purchase.

While there will be a lot of questions surrounding the process, the biggest and perhaps the most vital is always one and the same – “Can I afford it?”

Any real estate professional will tell you that the most important part of the home purchase is your mortgage financing and perhaps down payment, which is the amount of money you will invest in your new home.

The Problem

In todays market conditions, borrowers need to come up with ever larger down payments or otherwise they may be denied a mortgage loan. Typically if you are paying less than 20% down payment you will be required to purchase expensive mortgage insurance. In many cases you may not even qualify for any 1st mortgage with small down payments specially if you had any past credit problems.

The Solution

First Swiss Mortgage  offers an alternative through our Purchase Assist Loan. Obtaining a purchase Assist Loan will help you to:

  • increase your  down payment;
  • save on the mortgage insurance costs;
  • qualify for a 1st mortgage.

Take Action

Talk to one of our approved brokers and let us show you the path to home ownership.

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We are a leading institutional lender offering a competitive line of mortgage products to help consumers achieve their dreams of home ownership and financial freedom.

We work exclusively through a select group of mortgage brokers who will assist you in your application process and to ensure you receive excellent customer service.

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