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Want to do some major renovations, or is there an unexpected financial emergency?

Did you know that today your house may be worth significantly more than it did on the day you bought it? indeed for many households, their home equity is the only saving available to them.

You could wisely use some extra cash in your household, open a business, finish the basement, renovate the kitchen or pay for your children’s education, all with the money you have in your house today.

The Problem

Commonly people worry that taking equity out

of their house may be too cumbersome and they may loose or have to change their current 1st mortgage in the process. While this may sometimes be the case, at First Swiss Mortgage we understand your concerns and have designed a product to suit your needs .

The Solution

Instead of breaking your existing 1st mortgage and incurring you penalty and higher interest costs to replace it with a new one as many banks would like you to do, we will simply add a 2nd mortgage on top. This way your low interest 1st mortgage stays untouched.

  • Keep your existing 1st mortgage and still access your equity;
  • Reduce your interest cost by maintaining a low interest 1st mortgage.

Take Action

Simply apply for our “Equity Takout” program and we will help you realize your dreams today.

About Us

We are a leading institutional lender offering a competitive line of mortgage products to help consumers achieve their dreams of home ownership and financial freedom.

We work exclusively through a select group of mortgage brokers who will assist you in your application process and to ensure you receive excellent customer service.

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