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Overrun by credit card debt, or have way too many payments to manage?

Remember that day when you got your first credit card? How excited you were. It felt like your life just made a turn for the better. And now, many credit cards, and monthly payments later, how do you really feel about it?

The Problem

And it’s not only the high monthly payments, or the maxed-out balances that bring you down the most, but also the number of bills you have to handle every month!

The Solution

There is no need to feel down. Instead go for a triple win:

  • improve your credit rating;
  • reduce your monthly payments;
  • and consolidate a dozen monthly bills into one.

First Swiss Mortgage’s Debt Consolidation Loan can help you do all that.

Take Action

Increase your monthly cash flow and improve your credit rating by consolidating your debts into one easy payment with a debt consolidation mortgage. In addition you don’t have to change your current 1st mortgage company

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We are a leading institutional lender offering a competitive line of mortgage products to help consumers achieve their dreams of home ownership and financial freedom.

We work exclusively through a select group of mortgage brokers who will assist you in your application process and to ensure you receive excellent customer service.

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