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For over a decade, we have been responding to unmet needs in the mortgage market. Whether developing new products when other lenders scale back, introducing new underwriting strategies in the face of tightening restrictions in the market, or creating industry leading servicing practices, our performance, agility and customer care are unmatched. Constant innovation is a hallmark of our business model.


We have an unwavering commitment to service our broker partners, who we consider to be a part of our company, and our borrowers, who we seek to help at times when others may not. We strive to do better and more for you every day.


Our ability to fund most mortgages without a need for any back-stop or any third party insurance and our timely underwriting and closing process make us unmatched in the mortgage industry. Our strong operating and capital platform allows us to process your mortgage loans entirely in-house by our professional and dedicated team from the application to funding, closing and servicing.

Buying a house for you and your family is an exciting and important event, especially if this will be your first home purchase.

While there will be a lot of questions surrounding the process, the biggest and perhaps the most vital is always one and the same – “Can I afford it?”

Any real estate professional will tell you that the most important part of the home purchase is your mortgage financing and perhaps down payment, which is the amount of money you will invest in your new home.

The Problem

In todays market conditions, borrowers need to come up with ever larger down payments or otherwise they may be denied a mortgage loan. Typically if you are paying less than 20% down payment you will be required to purchase expensive mortgage insurance. In many cases you may not even qualify for any 1st mortgage with small down payments specially if you had any past credit problems.

The Solution

First Swiss Mortgage  offers an alternative through our Purchase Assist Loan. Obtaining a purchase Assist Loan will help you to:

  • increase your  down payment;
  • save on the mortgage insurance costs;
  • qualify for a 1st mortgage.

Take Action

Talk to one of our approved brokers and let us show you the path to home ownership.

Did you know that today your house may be worth significantly more than it did on the day you bought it? indeed for many households, their home equity is the only saving available to them.

You could wisely use some extra cash in your household, open a business, finish the basement, renovate the kitchen or pay for your children’s education, all with the money you have in your house today.

The Problem

Commonly people worry that taking equity out

of their house may be too cumbersome and they may loose or have to change their current 1st mortgage in the process. While this may sometimes be the case, at First Swiss Mortgage we understand your concerns and have designed a product to suit your needs .

The Solution

Instead of breaking your existing 1st mortgage and incurring you penalty and higher interest costs to replace it with a new one as many banks would like you to do, we will simply add a 2nd mortgage on top. This way your low interest 1st mortgage stays untouched.

  • Keep your existing 1st mortgage and still access your equity;
  • Reduce your interest cost by maintaining a low interest 1st mortgage.

Take Action

Simply apply for our “Equity Takout” program and we will help you realize your dreams today.

Remember that day when you got your first credit card? How excited you were. It felt like your life just made a turn for the better. And now, many credit cards, and monthly payments later, how do you really feel about it?

The Problem

And it’s not only the high monthly payments, or the maxed-out balances that bring you down the most, but also the number of bills you have to handle every month!

The Solution

There is no need to feel down. Instead go for a triple win:

  • improve your credit rating;
  • reduce your monthly payments;
  • and consolidate a dozen monthly bills into one.

First Swiss Mortgage’s Debt Consolidation Loan can help you do all that.

Take Action

Increase your monthly cash flow and improve your credit rating by consolidating your debts into one easy payment with a debt consolidation mortgage. In addition you don’t have to change your current 1st mortgage company

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We are a leading institutional lender offering a competitive line of mortgage products to help consumers achieve their dreams of home ownership and financial freedom.

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